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Top Metal Albums of 2012

Mitch Harris, guitarrista de Napalm Death actu...
Mitch Harris, guitarrista de Napalm Death actuando en el Gods of Metal 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Cover of Meshuggah
Napalm Death
Cover of Napalm Death

If you want a quick clue as to how excellent a list of albums this is – and how bountiful a year for the genre 2012 was in general — consider that the most critically acclaimed metal album of the year is only the 30th-best of the 30 albums below. That’d be Baroness’Yellow & Green (no. 15 on SPIN’s overall year-end list, no. 47 in Paste, no. 2 in metal bible Decibel), a record that many cut slack because of its ambitious size and scope, because it sounds kind of like indie rock, because it was a moderate commercial success (entered Billboard at no. 30), and maybe because the band survived a horrific tour bus trash in August. But a respectable record nonetheless.

The other most critically acclaimed metal album of 2012 (Converge’s All We Love We Leave Behind, no. 1 in Decibel) doesn’t even make this list at all; nor does the non-metal album most praised by metal critics (Swans’ The Seer, no. 25 in Decibel), or any number of other albums less compelling than their reps suggest (from Torche, Testament, High on Fire, Meshuggah, Napalm Death, Pig Destroyer, etc.) You’re perfectly welcome to prefer any of those – hey, it’s a free country, and if either of us have horrible taste, that’s cool, ‘cause horrible taste comes in handy in Metal Land, right? But if you care about metal at all, perhaps we can at least agree on this: There was sure a ton of awesome stuff out there to chose from.

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