Artist Spotlight: Scott Walker

Of all the innovative singers, musicians and groups to have emerged from that boiling cauldron of creativity known as the ’60s, there is but one who sounds more radical now, in 2012, than he did back in the day. And that’s Scott Walker.

It’s no contest, really. Check it: Neil and Crazy Horse are rocking awfully hard these days. But even with its handful of epic jams, their recently released Psychedelic Pill is still an album rooted in ’70s rock. The same goes for Dr. Johnand Leonard Cohen: Both dropped excellent records last year (Locked Down and Old Ideas, respectively), yet both are resolutely tame endeavors when placed alongside the 70 unremitting minutes of neo-industrial caterwaul and dystopian opera that comprise Walker’s newest effort, Bish Bosch. Hell, even far more renowned icons of the outré (like Brian Eno, Lou Reed and Iggy Pop) no longer push the envelope like this guy.

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